Holiday Club

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Come and join in the fun at holiday club this summer!!


Outdoor cooking, den building, fire lighting, bush craft, team games, nature art and lots more!!

Take a couple of hours away from your screen and have fun in the forest with us at Hedgehogs...

(These are child ONLY sessions, children should be at least 4 (currently in Reception class) and over.


We have lots sessions available during the summer holidays, £12.50 per child. Click on the link below to make your booking.

(All sessions are inclusive of snacks and drinks)

Tickets are non-refundable

Hedgehogs Woodland Academy!!

Come and learn vital wilderness skills such as fire lighting and outdoor cooking, tool making, shelter building, water collection and purification.

Each day will concentrate on two skills, if you complete the challenge you will receive an achievement badge.


Each child will be given their own Woodland Academy t-shirt and neckerchief for their badge collection!! 

Come and learn or hone your wilderness skills!! 

8 years and over only.

£25 per child.