'Nothing says party, like a hedgehog party'

Toad of Toad Hall

Party Time!
For any occasion, what better way to party than in the woodland amongst the sounds and sights of nature. We have a number of themed parties but can also tailor parties to your child’s likes and interests

'Kids had the best time - thanks so much. They were absolutely buzzing tonight and desperate to come again xx..' Joanne 





Simply send us a message from the link below and we will get back to you and we can begin to build your perfect package for your the perfect occasion.

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'Looking sharp.' ,
Said the hedgehog looking in the mirror

We offer two packages.

Hedgehogs Package 1- Party only for minimum of 20 children, includes all children toasting a marshmallow and making a s'more- £210 for up to 17 children. Additional children can be added on at £9 per head.

Hedgehogs Package 2- Party, party food (cooked on the camp fire), sandwiches are also offered at an additional cost of £2 per head, s'mores and our bespoke, handmade party bags for minimum of 17 children- £255 for up to 17 children.
Additional children can be added on at £10 per head.

We ask for two adults to stay at the party but all parents/guardians are welcome to join in the fun. Enjoy your party come rain or shine, we would only cancel in the case of EXTREMELY high winds.


Our parties are a mixture of outdoor nature based games and activities and they all include roasting sweet treats over the campfire. 




We offer many themed parties:

Pirates Ahoy!!

Zombie Survivor
​Nerf Blast​

Axe Throwing

Harry Potter

Robin Wood

Forest Fairies and Pixies

Dinosaur Discovery

Unicorn Sparkle

Space exploration

Nature arts and crafts

Minibesat mayhem

I'm a survivor, get me out of here!!

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'Hedgehogs can be prickly characters in the morning'