Hedgehogs Themes!

Dinosaur Discovery!!

The dinosaurs have been on the rampage in our forest...... search for your very own ice egg and use our tools to chip the baby out of the inside.

Go on a dinosaur hunt and find your very own dinosaur egg, make a nest for it using all the materials you can find in our wild woods.

Pirates Ahoy!!
Follow your map to find your very own pirate hiding in the forest and dig up the treasure he has left for you, become a real pirate with your own bandana and eye patch, capture your team’s flags and raise the flag on our forest pirate ship, make your own sword and walk the plank!! Yarrrrrr……….!


Enchanted Land of Fairies and Pixies


Explore the forest and find your very own lost fairy or pixie, create a beautiful fairy garden or pixie hollow to take home and make a fairy wand or pixie mallet.

Nerf Blast
An action packed party- build your own barricade and then compete with your friends in a nerf battle to collect your team’s flags as fast as you can!!


Harry Potter
Come to the forest of Hogwarts and make your own enchanted woodland cape, whittle your own wand and then create your own magical potion to hex your friends. Will Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin be the victors???



Robin Wood
Arrive at Sherwood Forest and make your own bow and arrow, practise your archery skills using an authentic long bow and battle your friends for the title of Robin Wood!!

         Sparkling Unicorns and Dragons


The mischievous unicorns and dragons are lost in the woodland.....

Search for your very own unicorn or dragon in the forest and find the gift they have left behind for you, make a unicorn hobby horse or dragon slayer, create a unicorn or dragon nest to take your new found pets home in.

Nothing that caught your eye? Click here and let us know what you are looking for and we will be more than happy to create a package for you to remember!